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IAF - Institute of applied research, development und further education

Further education – learning throughout life

Life long learning is one of the biggest political and societal challenges in Germany today. Education is an essential resource allowing individuals to develop their employability and insure advancement opportunities. Knowledge and the ability to use that acquired knowledge must constantly be adapted and expanded through life long learning.

The Freiburg IAF at the Catholic University of Applied Sciences has therefore developed a programme of further education that

  • offers affordable alternatives tailored to individual needs
  • works in harmony with the life and learning situation of specialists in the field and takes professional experience into consideration
  • supports the exchange between research, science and practice
  • encourages the application of scientific findings to practical situations and the development of applicable solutions

Relevant professional knowledge can be updated and expanded in workshops, seminars and training series. In doing so practicing professionals concretely widen their competence. Many of the programs have been offered several times. Our offerings range from social work topics to inclusive education, nursing to management questions in the non-profit sector. In addition to this we offer regular advanced training for specialists and managers in charitable social facilities, focusing on such topics as marketing and public works, time management, team development and stress management.

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