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Counselling – professionally guiding processes of change

Rapid social shifts have led to a significant need for development within social facilities. These facilities suffer consequently from pressure to change. the necessity to act quickly and professionally places high demands on management involved. We support you in this undertaking by offering counselling for management consultancy.

Possible motives might be:

  • You plan to restructure your entire organization or a specific department in order to increase efficiency within and client proximity of your social services.
  • You are interested in evaluating the quality and economic feasibility of your work and in maintaining it at a high level.
  • You are looking for new goals and strategies with which all members of your organisation can identify.
  • You would like to rethink and restructure functions and processes.
  • You would like to offer management the opportunity to develop their skills and thereby be more qualified for new responsibilities.
  • You strive to encourage the cooperation between individual teams.
  • You are interested in constructively dealing with conflicts between individual areas and in finding solutions to such conflicts.

We are convinced that within the processes of change and development, goals must be defined, adequate solutions found. Nevertheless and of equal importance are the means and ways used and explored in the process. Therefore we attribute high importance to client opinion and encourage the most unified plan of action possible.


  • We include those managers and staff members directly affected by changes from the very beginning.
  • We collect many different opinions in order to understand the complicated situations.
  • We use the existing potential for further development and problem solving within your organization such that the facility is yet better prepared to meet future responsibilities.
  • We work as a team with different qualifications under the principle of systemic management consultancy.
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